Hobie Island Beach Park

When's The Best Time to Visit?

This beach is the perfect example of maybe. There are days where the water is flat and perfect for my dog to enjoy a relaxing swim and chase the seagulls. Then there are days where the seaweed washed up on shore is ridiculous and practically covers the shore to where you cant even get your feet wet without stepping through what feels like muck and slime. Not to mention the people that usually stay here love to leave their beer bottles everywhere and dont pick u their trash. I find it best personally to go just before sunset around 3-4 on week days when its less crowded. or my favorite days that seem to be overcast and cloudy. people stay away and the beach is basically to yourself. miami residents will never go to the beach if there is so much as one grey could in the sky. It also beats a really long drive up to Hollywood dog beach which costs you like 20$ just to park and get in. This one is free



  • The goal is to create a network to raise awareness of dogs available for adoption nationwide. The long-term goal is to become an non-profit company, which provides an animal sanctuary that can use this network.

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