• Access to posting on Pick a Pooch* (our dog adoption network)
    • Access to posting on our Dog Blogs (blogs on training, health, product reviews and more)
    • Access to posting on our Places and Events (find out and share information on dog-friendly places and events to check out) 
    • Have your own profile page to showcase your skills to offer other pups
    • Message any member in this network
    • Plus more!
    • Exceptions
      • Breeders are not allowed to list dogs available for adoption; accounts and posts listing dogs from breeders will be removed. Our mission is to ensure dogs from rescue shelters or sanctuaries find their furever homes.
    • Same privileges as a Dog Lover membership
    • Personal page where users can donate, schedule volunteering appointments, and view relevant blog posts and videos to learn more about your shelter/sanctuary
    • Our team members will volunteer and post a video tour* of your sanctuary or shelter
    • We'll contact you with our Match Maker service to help find the ideal furever homes for your pups
    • Exceptions
      • Due to limited funding, our team will initially visit and create a tour video in shelters and sanctuaries located in FL, MA and NC. We'll expand to other states afterwards, unless a sanctuary or shelter would be interested in assisting with travel expenses.
    • Same privileges as a Dog Lover membership
    • Personal page where users can view all your products or services, blog posts, and a mission statement video for others to learn more about your company*
    • We'll collaborate** with your company to make blog posts on your products along with a review video on your service
    • Supports our network to help more pups get adopted, and funds the development of other non-profits
    • Exceptions
      • Your company must use products that are safe for dogs. Otherwise we have the right to remove either your listing or terminate your membership.
      • Due to limited funds, if your services are local to the FL, MA and NC area then we will make in-person reviews much sooner than ones that are outside of these states. If the sponsor would like to accommodate travel expenses we will be able to provide service reviews much sooner with any of our team members.
    • Same privileges as a Dog Lover membership
    • By supporting the Ruff Past Network, you'll help us fund our adoption network. We plan to grow this through volunteering at shelters and sanctuaries across the country, creating more content, and potentially through advertisements.
    • By supporting Ruff Past Rescue, your contribution is considered a donation since it's a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit. We plan to help relocate stray dogs and dogs from high-kill shelters to non-kill shelters or sanctuaries that have room for more pups
    • Earn an additional ticket towards prizes for each dollar contribution. We provide raffles at the end of our blog videos to hand out either relevant products or other Ruff Past products!
    • Earn special promotions towards Ruff Past products!
    • Plus more!
    • Same privileges as a Dog Lover membership
    • Have your own portfolio to showcase your photography skills! You can help local shelters by taking great photos of their pups to help them get adopted!
    • Get notifications when rescue shelters or animal sanctuaries need urgent help within a specified range from your home
    • Earn Ruff Past Points for volunteering, which you can use to purchase Ruff Past products!
    • You'll have the opportunity to team up with Ruff Past members on rescue shelter or animal sanctuary tour videos and blogs!
    • Plus more!


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