Seperation Anxiety


  • The goal is to create a network to raise awareness of dogs available for adoption nationwide. The long-term goal is to become an non-profit company, which provides an animal sanctuary that can use this network.

  • At a young age, I had decided that I wanted to help save the lives of innocent animals by becoming a veterinarian. Over the years of preparing for that ultimate goal, I have volunteered, interned, and worked in various veterinary settings, including small animal, wildlife, and shelter medicine. Throughout these… Read More

  • When growing up with my sister Juliette, we had a variety of animals from dogs, cats, ferrets, guinea pigs, parrots, hamsters, fish, mice, rabbits and chicken. Of all the pets, I had the closest bond with dogs. After volunteering at an animal shelter and noticing how high of a demand… Read More

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