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When growing up with my sister Juliette, we had a variety of animals from dogs, cats, ferrets, guinea pigs, parrots, hamsters, fish, mice, rabbits and chicken. Of all the pets, I had the closest bond with dogs. After volunteering at an animal shelter and noticing how high of a demand there was for fosters and dogs available for adoption, and realizing how many dogs get euthanized in high kill shelters, I decided to foster dogs and train them until they get adopted into the best homes possible. I have a fair amount of training experience from my last rescue dog Heidi, so I figured I can post progress videos on the dogs I’ll be fostering to help potential owners decide which dog is the best match for them. By doing this, I’m able to give the dogs the love and attention they deserve rather than being in a shelter or euthanized. The reason I put together this network is to allow others to do the same with their foster dogs or dogs available for adoption, and potentially have an impact on the amount of dogs in high-kill shelters. By sharing the same mission with Juliette and Doug, we hope others will join us to make the world a furrier place.

Boston Architectural College
Bachelors of Design Studies: Architectural Technology
University of Florida
Masters of Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering Concentration)


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