Doug Innocent



University of Delaware
Bachelors in Civil Engineering

University of Florida
Masters in Civil Engineering (Structural Engineering Concentration)




I met Mark, the founder of RuffPast, in graduate school. In 2018, he approached me about a project to reshape the culture of canine foster care. He wanted to create a hub for dog lovers, a place where dog people could share stories, get educated and find dogs in need of foster care. Within two months of having this discussion, Mark was building the Ruff Past website.

As an advocate of positive world change, I was honored when Mark asked me to join the team. I believe the world was made for all creatures. As the most dominant species on the planet, we have the phenomenal potential to either help or harm animals, which I believe stems from education and culture.

My contributions to the project include logistics and video. I head the projects media outlets and marketing; Experimenting with different video strategies to bring awareness to the project.

I also work with Mark to fine-tune the efficiency of the project. Creating a successful nationwide dog adoption agency is a logistical challenge, a challenge that Mark and I eagerly take on to help our four-legged best friends get a home and live happy lives. Feel free to send us any videos or ideas you think will improve the project. We would love your feedback.



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